Enter an invisible world of hidden treasure, loyal crewmates and secret factional warfare. Search for gold and powerful artifacts in real-world locations. Adventure your way to a vast fortune and become a powerful Pirate lord. Remember - the pirate with the most treasure wins!

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How did it all begin?

In the 21st century Pirates still exist. Their family lineages have survived, their vast stolen fortunes have been passed down. Now they are invested in all sorts of businesses both legal and illegal. They have a hand in everything. But they still need to bring in a new generation of recruits and teach them the old Pirating ways. Who should own all the wealth? Whoever is willing to fight for it.

Of course, these are Pirates, and Pirates never agree on anything. War has broken out between two factions with different ideas on what the Digital Age of Piracy should look like.

Before you can enter the invisible world and set out on your quest to become a rich and powerful Pirate lord, you have to pick a side.

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