Have you got what it takes to rule the Pirate World? Download Treasure Map today and start finding treasure. Unlike any game that has come before it, Treasure Map lets you complete Quests to find treasure hidden in real world locations.  Start Quests at Landmarks near you or create your own Landmarks and Quests to earn an income. Rise through the ranks by completing Quests, building your Crew and winning Battles. 


Find Treasure

You can find Treasure in Treasure Map by completing Quests. Look for a Landmark near you and choose a Quest. Unlock Waypoints along the way by completing challenges. Find treasure as you go and hidden keys to unlock a bonus. Complete the Quest and reap the reward of a chest full of Treasure!


Build Your Crew

You can only make it to the top in Treasure Map by building your crew and growing your fleet of ships, both of which will help you win battles and secure even more Treasure. Invite your friends to play or make new ones in the game.


Win Battles

The most powerful Pirates are those with the most Landmarks in Treasure Map. Your can create your own Landmarks or you can take on other owners and Battle them for theirs. Make sure you invest in your own defences and make sure you build your armoury so that you can attack whenever you need to. 

How did it all begin?

A few hundred years ago, Pirates ruled the waves. We all know however that they were conquered by the British Empire and the rulers of the day. Pirates became no more than myths and legends. Or so we thought...  In fact TWO famous Pirates went into hiding and in secret; they built a following and amassed an enormous fortune in Treasure. Today their descendants continue to grow their empires and their fortunes.  

Most of us think of Pirates as 'bad', however this is a picture painted by those that have held the real power for centuries.  History is written by the victors after all. The truth is these Pirates continue to fight a battle for freedom, equality and justice for the people.  So ask yourself are you happy with the banks and just a handful of people controlling most of the wealth of the world? Is now the time to take a stand and fight for freedom, equality and treasure? Our two Pirate factions think so.

Our two Pirate factions believe that now is the time for the 99% (that's you and me), to start the fight back and they are looking for new recruits to join their faction and join the fight.

Billions in gold, pearls and treasure lay hidden around key landmarks in Cities and parks around the globe. Your mission is to find this fortune. But first you must secure and defend the key landmarks around you, create and play quests and grow your power and influence by building a strong and active crew. Good luck and good fun me hearty.


The Easton Faction

Named after the legendary Peter Easton, perhaps the most successful Pirate that ever lived, the Easton Faction is a formidable force.Their members are famed for their brute strength and their propensity to take a challenge head on. Full of energy, this faction is determined to win outright rule.

Nobody knows who the current leader is, but it is most likely a direct descendant of Peter himself.


The Cheng Faction

Named in honour of the mighty Madame Cheng, perhaps the most powerful Pirate that ever lived, the Cheng Faction is respected and feared. Known for their brains and ability to problem solve, they typically take a creative approach to getting their way. As ambitious as they come, this faction’s purpose is to become outright Pirate Leaders.

The current Leader of the Cheng Faction is its deepest secret, but many suspect that the family lives on and is the driving force behind the movement.

Which faction will you choose?

Of course, the two factions are publicly at peace,
but Pirates wouldn’t be Pirates without little shenanigans would they?

When you have chosen, remember, ask not what your faction can do for you,
but what you can do for your faction!

Download the app, join your faction and let the adventure begin!

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