What is the Digital Age of Piracy

Enter an invisible world of hidden treasure, loyal crewmates and secret factional warfare. Search for gold and powerful artifacts in real-world locations. Adventure your way to a vast fortune and become a powerful Pirate lord. Remember - the pirate with the most treasure wins!


Find Treasure

Search for digital treasure hidden in plain sight. Locate or create real-world landmarks. Embark on quests by following waypoints and completing challenges. Unlock chests of gold, hidden keys and mysterious Pirate relics!


Recruit Crew

Assemble a motley crew of friends and fellow Pirates. Build a vast fleet of ships to aid you in battle. Rule the invisible world by conquering landmarks and amassing even more stolen treasure.


Fight Battles

Battle for control of landmarks and income in the invisible world. Unleash devastating digital Pirate weapons while you build up your own defences against attack. Become powerful, feared, and above all... rich!


How did it all begin?

In the 21st century Pirates still exist. Their family lineages have survived, their vast stolen fortunes have been passed down. Now they are invested in all sorts of businesses both legal and illegal. They have a hand in everything. But they still need to bring in a new generation of recruits and teach them the old Pirating ways. Who should own all the wealth? Whoever is willing to fight for it.

Of course, these are Pirates, and Pirates never agree on anything. War has broken out between two factions with different ideas on what the Digital Age of Piracy should look like.

Before you can enter the invisible world and set out on your quest to become a rich and powerful Pirate lord, you have to pick a side.


Scarlet Revenge

A shadowy cartel operating in the world of business and finance. They have managed their money wisely down the years, hiding it in a portfolio of shell companies and offshore accounts. Now they grow their wealth through technology and long-term investments. They are still Pirates at heart, working to destroy the system from the inside, but it has made them very rich and they are in no hurry.


Azure Industries

A ragtag bunch of thugs, punks and criminals at the low end of town. They have never really grown out of the Golden Age - robbing and stealing, winning and losing fortunes again and again, spending treasure as fast as they can acquire it. Getting more is the fun part anyway. These Pirates are dangerous and unpredictable and they would gladly watch the system burn to the ground, right now.


Avast Ye, Matey

Download Treasure Map today, choose your faction and start yourself on the path to being the most legendary Pirate of the Digital Age!