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Treasure Map Pte Ltd
PO Box 6794 Gold Coast MC
Queensland 9726 Australia

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Enter the secret Pirate world by exploring the real world. Search for treasure, complete quests, battle crews and become a legendary Pirate of the Digital Age. Welcome to Treasure Map!
The real world outside your door becomes the secret world of modern Piracy as new recruits set out to make their Pirate names and fortunes.


Own The Landmark, Own the Gold

Gold, jewels and powerful Pirate relics are all part of the fortune hidden away in this digital world. Collect treasure any way you can - find it, steal it, earn it by creating quests or landmarks. Defend your treasure at all times... after all, you're not the only Pirate out there.

Epic Battles 

Landmarks in the real world are owned by Pirates. Locate or create landmarks and embark on quests to find treasure. You earn treasure for every Pirate who quests from your landmarks. So you'll need to defend your landmarks against attack (and maybe steal some landmarks from your fellow Pirates).

Complete Quests, Find Treasure!

Embark on quests, follow the waypoints and complete challenges to discover the treasure when X marks the spot! Create your own quests to earn a cut of the loot from other Pirate recruits.

Build Your Crew

A Pirate is only as good as their motley crew! Invite your friends as new recruits into the secret Pirate world. Work together to control landmarks, complete quests, win battles and get rich.

Join a Faction

Pirates are always fighting amongst themselves. Choose between the shadowy Azure Industries and bloodthirsty Scarlet Revenge. Earn riches and glory for your faction and learn about their legendary Pirate ancestors.



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